Crown of Flowers

This is a project that I’ve wanted to try for a while.Crown of Flowers

I picked up some great flowers at the Union Square Farmers’ Market: pink and orange crested celosia, and an assortment of colored dahlias.  Since I’m going out of town, I wouldn’t be able to enjoy these flowers for very long time as an arrangement. So I decided to enjoy them immensely for a short time as a floral crown.

To start, I cut a length of wire to make the base of the crown. Then I selected the first flower, a pink dahlia.

pink Dahila cropped

To attach flowers to the crown, I decided to wire each flower to give it more support. It would be terribly sad if one of them flopped off. Dahlias have hollow stems, so you can put both ends of a piece of wire down through the center of the flower and they’ll come out the bottom of the stem.

Red Dahlia1


Red Dahlia2

Celosia has a thick, dense stem and an unusual blossom. It’s better to put the wire right through the side of the celosia.


Once the flowers were wired, I wrapped each of the stems and wire with floral tape and attached them to the crown.

flower 1 attachedflower 2 attached

The final product



This project was incredibly fun. I would love to do this for a bridal shower, or a special summer occasion.